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TUFFSHOE - Finally an off-the-shelf post anchor for larger posts.

Driven by demand for stronger anchors suitable for heavier fencing projects, Oxford Fencing Supplies Ltd have designed and commissioned Tuffshoe - a unique post anchor that's been manufactured to be strong enough to erect both closeboard fencing and site hoarding.

Over the last few years increasing requests for this type of solution resulted in 100s of individual anchors being made to order, which was unnecessarily costly. The new Tuffshoe post anchor is now available from stock - saving customers both time and money.

Tuffshoe has been designed to secure larger 125mm x 100mm posts. However, they can also be used with standard 100mm x 100mm posts by simply positioning the post to the back of the unit.


Tuffshoe is made from 5mm thick steel, galvanised to 85 microns.  It has a continuous weld around the up-stand and base for extra strength. 


Tuffshoe has a wider than standard base which gives it the extra stability needed to larger fencing projects.


Tuffshoe has pre-drilled holes for the bolts and coach screws that hold the post solidly and allow easy access if the post needs to be removed.


Tuffshoe has been designed to give a professional finish to any job. 
The three-sided design means that the whole front of the post remains visible. It also allows contractors to fit gravel boards and finish the job as neatly as any standard closeboard fencing project.

From the front Tuffshoe cannot be seen - far less unsightly than standard four-sided post anchors.

Customer Reviews

“Finally a large post anchor that I can buy from stock. I used it on a massive closeboard panel job - the customer loved the finish. Great product!”
    
Nick Bound - Boundary Fencing
“I have used Tuffshoe for both closeboard and hoarding jobs with great results. It's fantastic value for money.”
    
Max - Trentwood Fencing
“I could hardly believe it when I first saw Tuffshoe. I got just what I needed for securing site hoarding - without having to wait. ”
   
Rob Adcock - Adcock Fencing

Price and delivery options

Manufacturing in bulk allows us to sell Tuffshoe post anchors to our trade customers for only £14.99 +VAT each. 
They are available from stock and supplied in boxes of 4 units (minimum order one box).

We offer various delivery options including a next day delivery service if required.

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